What does Success look like?

Our learning, skills and development training and workshops will help mums develop their skills and get jobs that fit with their families. Our advice and support will help them to make confident choices and ensure that no mum feels they are alone. Our project will boost their confidence, give them the willpower and tenacity to go out there and find rewarding work, and achieve a good work/life balance. They will greater faith in themselves.

We will tackle the underlying causes of lack of confidence with a review of their motivations and skills, both in work and in life. Because motherhood has tended to be downplayed, for instance, the skills that are gained in parenting often pass unnoticed. There are many, however, that are immediately transferable to the workplace – and we will make our participants both aware of this, and how they may use these skills to their advantage. Multi-tasking, communication, time management, budgeting, organisation and diplomacy are all skills employed in parenthood – we will show mums how they can be applied in the workplace. These include getting along with their colleagues, making critical decisions, solving problems and developing respect for others.

Our project presents a great opportunity for mums to change their outlook and be more positive. If they have been raising children, this will involve them being in the house for most of the time, and make them feel stuck in a rut. Being involved in our project will open new possibilities to them, not just in the world of work – they can get more involved in voluntary and community work.

The peer support groups help to reduce the social isolation that many single parents experience and, with our support, will also offer practical help with issues such as getting back to work and managing family relationships. They will have an improved ability to cope with challenging situations. Meeting others and making new friends will enable them to have more fun activities, days out, trips and other social events together. Their children will also can make new friends and to feel included.