Do you spend a lot of time scheduling and carrying out interviews? Are you losing talent to your competitors as a result of a drawn out recruitment process? If so, we might just have the answer.

Starting with high tech companies, the use of web-based video interviewing is growing as more employers are becoming increasingly aware of its benefits.

There are many advantages of interviewing via automated video.

So what is video interviewing, and how can you successfully implement it into your recruitment process?

Automated video interviewing means companies no longer have to schedule and carry out the first round of telephone or face-to-face interviews. Instead, they have the option of inviting candidates to interview from the comfort of their own home via an automated video.

Using the same set of questions for each interviewee to ensure consistency, the hiring manager will schedule an automated interview with the candidate, whose answers are recorded via webcam.

Then, at the hiring manager’s convenience, is the opportunity to replay, review and compare the interviewees’ answers online without having to refer to notes or forgetting who said what.

Here are just a few of the benefits of automated video interviews into your hiring process.

Reduced Costs: Particularly as hiring becomes more global, both for candidates and employers, video interviews can help expedite a cost-effective interview process.

Improved Screening Tool: Video interviews are a much better screening tool than a phone interview as you get to assess things that you typically wouldn’t be able to, such a presentation skills.

Convenience: An automated video interview can be conducted without the hiring manager present, meaning you can use your free time more productively and view the results at your convenience.

Sharing: Because the video interview is recorded via a webcam, it’s easy to share the video with all relevant parties and for them to have input.

Improved Candidate Experience: Too often you hear that the candidate experience needs to be improved. The speed and simplicity of video interviewing could impact their willingness to accept an offer and what they tell others about your firm.

Faster Approach: The main delay that plagues an organisation’s hiring process can be associated with the time it takes to organise and conduct interviews. If hiring managers are happy for the candidate to hold the interview at night or on weekends, it may significantly shorten the time it takes to fill a position.

Less Drop-Outs: Reducing the delays in making a hiring decision might also mean that the talent high in demand will not drop out of the process before it has ended or be forced to accept an offer from your competitor.

Projects a Positive Brand: By showing respect for both the candidates’ time and the needs of their current job, you will build a good image of your company’s brand. It could even encourage more candidates to apply for your positions.

These are just a few of the advantages of using automated video selection as part of your interview process. And thanks to companies such as YouTube and Skype, means people are becoming more at ease with the idea of speaking to a webcam.