Do you live your life on Facebook? How about using Facebook to find a job? Although it’s not used for professional networking as extensively as LinkedIn, the most popular social network in the world can help you in your hunt for a job.

Many businesses have fan pages that you can subscribe to for their latest news. Many also post their current job vacancies on their page so it’s worth ‘liking’ any companies you’d like to work for.

Groups and Apps
Like LinkedIn, you can join groups on Facebook. Some are specific to job hunting or you can search for general groups related to your industry. Join a few that are relevant to you. Post helpful, courteous comments and network with industry professionals.

Facebook also supports applications that can help you find a job. The ‘EasyCV Curriculum Vitae’ app allows users to post their CV on their Facebook profile.

Facebook is all about networking but by using an application such as BranchOut you can take this to a new level. BranchOut allows you to see which companies your Facebook friends have worked at. You can even import all your data from your LinkedIn profile

First Impressions Count
A survey conducted by found that more than four in 10 employers reject applicants after checking their Facebook page.

Whether you intend to use Facebook to find a job or not, be sure to remove any compromising photos of you and think carefully about your status updates. Remember that almost everything you post online can be seen by potential employers.