When searching for a job it is likely you will have to attend a group interview.

If you know you’re facing a group interview, learning more about what you can expect is a good idea.

The dynamics of a group interview are different: how you work with others, what role you take and how you engage with others will be scrutinised by the hiring manager.

Here’s some advice to ensure a top performance in a group interview:

Group interviews typically involve getting together with other prospective candidates to meet with the interviewers. In this type of interview, several things are being evaluated:

– How you communicate with others
– How often you speak out
– Your leadership qualities
– Your team player attributes

Your aim is to stand out during the group interview, otherwise you’ll get lost in the crowd. You want to come across as a vocal driver of ideas within the group, whilst co-operating with and listening to others.

Think about how you can impress the interviewer. Discuss your experience and education. Remain calm and take your time. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not – interviewers are trained to see through any falsities.

Like all interviews, you’ll be assessed from the moment you enter the building. From your manner to your clothes, the interviewer will pay attention to everything about you.

Make sure you create a great impression during the introductory stage of the group interview. This is your first opportunity to tell the group about yourself so be confident and professional, maintain eye contact and speak clearly.

Role playing is a prominent feature of group interviews. These activities are used to test your problem solving and team work skills.  Get involved and share your ideas. If you disagree with something – state your views, but give a reason rather than just objecting.

Succeeding in a group interview is a fine balance between elevating your individualism and looking like a bossy head case.

By following this basic group interview advice, you can ensure you’re remembered in the first step of the interview, but you can still do more.