You’ve found the perfect job. You’re qualified, you’ve got the experience. There’s a great salary and excellent benefits on offer. But it’s based 100 miles from where you live.

The decision to relocate for a job is a huge one. Everyone has different factors to consider, such as friends, family, mortgages, children and even pets. So, to start weighing up the risk, write a list of pros and cons. Does the benefit of a pay rise outweigh the hassle of selling your house?

Does your prospective employer offer a relocation allowance? Even if they don’t advertise one, you can raise the issue if you are offered the job. Rather than focus on money, perhaps you can negotiate paid time off in order to go house hunting?

Before you relocate for a job, find out about the new location. You may be getting a better salary but is the cost of living higher?

If relocating for a job isn’t feasible, are you in an industry that lends itself to home based positions? If you’re a software developer or in sales, perhaps you can work from home and only visit the company’s office once a week.

Alternatively, you may already want to move and need to find a position first. Searching for jobs in another area can be tricky. Make sure you state clearly in your cover letter that you are looking to relocate; otherwise your CV may be overlooked.

Only after weighing the pros and cons should you make your decision. Relocating for a job can be difficult and stressful but it could also be the best career move you ever make!

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