Not being paid what you think your worth? Feeling you’ve done enough to earn yourself a raise?

Asking for a pay rise affects everyone from time to time. It can be difficult, and many people feel uncomfortable asking. Simple planning and keeping control makes a big difference. Here’s what it takes to make the ideal pitch and boost your pay.

Know what you are worth

Knowing why you’re of more value to the company and having a case prepared will set you in good stead. It’s easy to feel you’re worth more, especially when you’re giving 110% each day. But you need to demonstrate this objectively by assessing your worth against others in the same industry. See how you compare with this salary checker –

List your accomplishments

Assessing your accomplishments is part of the process of making your case. It doesn’t make sense to ask for a review when you’ve not demonstrated anything of value at work. Pay particular attention to projects you’ve worked on, and how you helped solve any issues that arose.

Choose the right time & projecting confidence

Successful requests are all about timing. Ask for a private word, thank your boss for his/her time and get straight to the point. Be positive, not arrogant. Speak politely and with clarity. Start by saying how much you enjoy your job, and then launch into discussing your achievements and your desire for a pay rise.

Persistency pays

Even if your boss says no, your wish for a raise is now out it in the open. If you’re a top employee, keep performing excellently and ask again in a few months time.

Success will come down to the way you approach your boss and the amount of money that is available. Remember you are unlikely to get any extra reward simply for doing your job well – that’s what you’re paid to do.

If you need further advice, whether that’s on online recruitment or CV advice, we offer a range of resources for candidates.

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