The tips below are the culmination of years of thinking, refining, and experimenting. I hope they expedite your own message-defining and message-receptivity.

Use the Force-Field Analysis

Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis is a valuable tool for planning your strategy. Essentially, you write down the current state and then the ideal state as far as your goal attainment is concerned. Then, in one column, write down the forces preventing you from reaching the ideal state. In a second column, list the things that will propel you closer to your goal.

Use an Incubation Period

You will often be able to make your message more focused if you set it aside for a while and then return to it later for revisions.

Make Your Action Plan Flexible

You will need an action plan, broken down into both long- and short-range steps.

Learn to Sound Simultaneously Proud and Humble

With some effort, you can learn to subordinate expertise so you can include it in your messages without sounding as if you’re bragging.

Success is often a question of persistence. Are you hearing this message?