The media industry is one of the hardest sectors to make it in. Publishing, magazines, newspapers, TV and now the digital arena – it’s an exciting place to work.

The reality, however, is far from the glitz and glamour people assume it to be. It’s challenging work and requires extremely talented candidates.

It’s no secret – everyone knows persistence is required to make it. And it’s definitely not unusual to hear about people sending out 100+ letters a month to organisations in the hope of securing any role.

So how do you get a job in the media?

Get yourself on the books of media specialist recruitment agencies and contact companies directly – make sure you’re covering every opportunity. And if you hear of someone sending out 100 letters for placements, make sure you send 101.

What if your degree is broad? It’s crucial to decide what area you’d like to specialise in, and then start collating as much experience as you can. Saying you want a career in the media is like saying you’d like a job in IT – there are so many areas, all extremely different. Ask yourself, what sets you apart from the hundreds of people gunning for the same role?

Maintain pro-activity

Ensure your portfolio / CV doesn’t lay dormant – keep adding to it. Whilst it’s not always practical to carry out work experience, try and get involved in your spare time. Even if it’s once a week, find out what’s going on – it may prove to be a great way to network.

Get involved in amateur filmmaking projects, volunteer at the local paper, or contribute to a free magazine. Even if it’s writing reviews or submitting a one-off insight into your city’s hot spots, it all adds up.

Looking for a job in the digital sector?

The explosion of social media has seen a surge of businesses incorporating digital strategies. SEO, PPC, search engine marketing – companies that specialise in these disciplines are fast helping companies to realise their value, so ensure to stay ahead of the trends.