You can never predict what interview questions you’ll be asked. When you want to make a good impression and get on that career ladder, even the most straightforward of questions can leave your mind blank.

Whilst some people may have the confidence to ‘wing it’, most job seekers will find preparation is the key to a successful interview. After all, you’re less likely to be lost for words if you prepare.
Here’s our guide on how to answer a few common interview questions:

Q. Why do you want this job?

Your interviewer wants to know if you are genuinely interested in their company. Do you see this as an opportunity to develop your career? Make the position play to your strengths; tell them how suited you are to the role.

Q. What do you know about our company?

Research the business. Visit their website, see if they have a blog, and request their sales literature. In addition to finding out the basic structure of the business, this is a great way of keeping up-to-date with any news and of course, impressing your future employers. LinkedIn also provides information on a company’s employees.

Q. Tell me about yourself.

The question your interviewer is really asking is: why should they hire you? Keep your answer succinct, and highlight your strengths and any relevant achievements or qualifications you have.

Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Tailor your answer to the position and choose a mix of technical and personal skills. Do you cope well under pressure? Are your coding skills second to none? Provide examples from previous employment, courses or your hobbies.

Never claim you have no weaknesses! Similarly, saying you work too hard may not ring true. Always be honest in a job interview but chose a minor weakness and give it a positive spin. Perhaps you are not naturally organised but you have devised a foolproof filing system for your emails.

Although you can’t practice for every interview question, being prepared will improve your confidence and show you’re the one for the job.


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