The current employment market is extremely fierce and, as a result, has seen a wave of candidates hone their CVs and re-think their job searching strategies.

It’s also seen them up their game when it comes to the interview. But some of them are still failing to clinch the job. Why? Because they’re neglecting to follow one piece of essential job advice: asking for, and acting upon, interview feedback.

In order to move on from an unsuccessful interview, it’s crucial to ask for quality feedback (emphasis on quality).  This can be obtained over the phone, by post or email, but this essential information will equip you with the knowledge to refine your interview technique and improve your chances.

Candidates who personally telephone requesting interview feedback tend to receive much more useful information that they can use for future reference. Engaging in this nature of conversation may make the interviewer feel slightly awkward; however they’ll struggle to gloss over the specifics – especially if you’re polite, courteous and professional.

Only when armed with this specific interview feedback can you realign and re-think your performance. It’s what you do with this information that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The next stage is to use this feedback in a practice interview setting. Sit down with a friend, previous employer or, if they’re willing, a manager, and rehearse your interview pitch. They may be able to point out instances to slot in this feedback.

The key to a successful interview is packaging your talents into a brand. From the moment you step foot in the office, to the way you compose yourself and answer a question – you’re being tested. So make sure to prepare and distance yourself from the competition.