So why is getting a job in marketing and the creative industries so hard?

Finding a copywriting job can be an uphill struggle. In such a competitive market for marketing jobs, it might seem like an impossible task.

So what can you do to set your application apart from other candidates?

Here are a few tips to help you stand out from the crowd and grab your first job as a copywriter:

– Triple check your CV. This is important for all job applications but for a copywriting job it’s absolutely key. No-one wants to hire a writer with a ‘fantastic attention to dtail’.

– Start a blog. Blogs are brilliant tools for budding writers as they provide a platform to publish whatever you want to write about for the world to see. Pop the URL on your application so potential employers can see what you’re capable of.

– Shout about any published work. Okay, so maybe not that poem you wrote for your Year Six class anthology but any articles for your uni magazine or local newspaper show that you can write in a professional capacity. Include your best examples in your application.

– Research, research, research. Copywriting can be extremely varied and the type of copywriting you’ll be doing depends on your potential employer. Do a little company research and tailor your application and writing samples accordingly.

– Know your SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is key if you’re writing online copy. Familiarise yourself with the basic principles and, if possible, put them into action.

– Ace your interview. You might think that, as a writer, all the hard work is over after a successful written application. Wrong. Show your interviewer all the extra qualities you can bring to their company as well as your fantastic flair and passion for the written word.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, never give up. It’s incredibly frustrating being rejected for roles that you know you’d be great at but keep your head up and continue to put your work out there. In such a highly competitive sector, the more determined you are, the more likely it is that you will succeed.