In today’s highly competitive employment market, job seekers are constantly looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of a potential employer.

Gone are the days when hiring managers relied solely on a 2-page formulaic CV. Today, many new tools, the majority related to the explosion of social media, are transforming the way job seekers find and market themselves to potential employers.

In particular, webrecruit has witnessed a rise in job seekers accompanying their written CV with a video resume to stand out from the crowd…and, why not?

You can really showcase your message, brand and why you’re the best talent available. But despite this, getting it right can be a challenge – with a fine line between professional and outright cheesy.

If you’re considering producing a video CV, here are some things worth considering (and a few words from experience) to ensure you’re on the A-list.

But before I begin, there is one basic principal that most people miss when creating a video CV – keep it short.

Hiring managers and recruiters don’t have much time so you need to get straight to the point. The ideal time you should be aiming for is 1 minute so take the time to plan your ideas and communicate the important information in an efficient way.

Keep it relevant

There’s no point doing a video CV because you can. It needs to be relevant to the job you want to pursue.

For example, if you apply for a role in media, creative or social professions, it’s likely to have the desired effect – i.e. get you an interview. But if you’re applying for a job at a large law firm (despite Elle Wood’s success in Legally Blond!), your chances might not be as good.

What other value can you bring?

Don’t just read out your CV – that information is already available on your written version. Instead, use your video CV to demonstrate to a potential employer greater insight into you.

‘Your aim is to give an employer a real sense of who you are, what you’re like to work with and what you’ve achieved.

‘Use the opportunity to tell them why you would be the right person to hire, what you can do for them, your passions, and why you are successful’ says Richard Wyatt-Haines at Just90.CV.

Make it spectacular

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your video CV. The whole purpose is to stand out from the crowd so get clever, use a bit of humour and jazz up your editing.

Al Biedrzycki created this brilliant video resume to help get him noticed (needless to say he’s now happily employed).

Picturing recruiters sifting through piles of resumes and his being lost in the pile, he wanted to do something to stand out beyond the typical CV (as the intro of his video explains).

‘My inspiration really stemmed from this frustration and my willingness to not give up and try something new’.

‘I decided to lean on another medium (music video) to not only convey my struggles, but to also exhibit some of my creativity’ explains Al.

He advises ‘For job seekers looking to get noticed in a similar fashion, I think the recipe for success is timing, relevance and creativity.

‘Creativity will help you get noticed, but timing and relevance are very important too because they add an extra layer of power to the project. When all three work together, you get something timeless’.

Video CVs are not a new notion but they are becoming increasingly common. If you need some help creating a video CV, we may have just the answer.