Most mothers nowadays are running their families as well as their businesses. And most of them succeed in both endeavors. Indeed, being a mom is an excellent training ground for women who dream of launching and running their own companies. A mom who can make her home run smoothly will most likely do the same for her company.

Here are some ways that being a mother can make you better in business:

Mothers Know the Value of Time

Mothers know that every second and every minute counts. They cannot afford to waste precious hours if they want to accomplish whatever goal they have set for the day.

In fact, they are excellent in multitasking, too. Moms usually juggle two to three tasks at a time. They do the cooking while the clothes are churning in the washing machine. They clean the house while the baby is playing in the crib. And when the baby is asleep, they do some paperwork.

Mothers bring this trait to their workplace. They show others the value of time. They train their employees to be prompt. They teach them to spend their time wisely. They show their workers how multi-tasking can increase their productivity. As a result, they have high-performing and productive employees.

They Prepare for Contingencies

Moms know the importance of preparedness. They always bring an extra shirt or dress when they take the children to a party. If ever someone spills food on his shirt, she could change it right away. Moms also keep some money for emergencies. One does not know when a baby would get sick. The knowledge that one has the money to buy the medicine or pay the hospital bills will be a great source of comfort.

They also bring this preparedness to their companies. They create a buffer fund for emergencies. When the difficult times come, the company will not shut down because it has prepared for the worst times.

They Know How to Empathize

A mother has to understand the pain and struggles of their children. The issues that children face may appear trivial, but mothers have an innate ability to understand and empathize.

Mothers can do this in business as well when they deal with their employees. They can understand why an employee has to be absent because he or she has to take care of a sick child. They know the demands that parents have to meet. In return, the company earns loyalty and commitment from its employees.

Moms are Patient

Patience is a virtue, and a woman who has children must have plenty of it. They must keep their temper in check and remain calm and level-headed when conflict arises at home.

When the owner of a company is a mother, she can be tolerant. She practices self-control, stays on top of the situation, does not take sides, listens well, and tries to be objective in order to make the right decision. As a manager, a woman with children can effectively deal with conflict among employees.

They Know How to Guide People

Mothers want their children to follow the right path. They teach them the difference between right and wrong. They guide their kids to make the right decisions. As managers, moms do the same.

They train their employees to make the right choices. Once the manager has trained employees to make the right decision, she’ll feel confident that they’ll do what is best for the company’s success.

Many successful companies are managed by women or have women with children among the members of the board. Their employees give them loyalty, commitment, and outstanding performance that can make a business even better.