Did you know Facebook is among the top 10 most visited websites? And, with a significant increase in the over 25s demographic, there is a big boost in the number of users with careers on their agenda.

As one who grew up with Facebook, from college into my professional career, I’ve seen radical changes in its use over time. In particular, there is an emerging use of Facebook to professionally network and find a job.

The reasons for this are twofold – the first being the recession and the need for many people to find new employment, and secondly, the sheer speed at which Facebook is growing worldwide.

Gone are the days of simply posting your resume on jobsites. If you’re serious about getting hired, you must stay one step ahead of the competition and that means getting the word out on social sites like Facebook.

Here are some tips for using Facebook to help find a job and network professionally.

Don’t forget the public nature of Facebook: Assume that everything you write is available for public consumption. Don’t put anything on your profile that you wouldn’t want an employer to see.

Refresh your profile: Ensure that you have a full profile, and that it reads like a CV. Highlight your assets, whilst letting your true personality shine through on your pages.

Review your photos: Make sure your profile picture represents the professional image you wish to portray and remove the drunken photos. As with all social interaction, and especially with employers – first impressions count.

Search: You can, of course, use Facebook to search for people from different universities, industries, schools and so on. By using the search tool within Facebook, you can also explore any relevant groups with similar interests to yours. This method could open up many new networking opportunities.

Network: The bigger your network, the more contacts you will expose yourself to. Target relevant people and expand your ‘professional’ not ‘social’ network.

Reach out: Make it clear that you’re seeking a new job and use your status updates to tell everyone that you’re engaged in job seeking activities. Your network will see these and this may well prompt referrals and recommendations. Alternatively, you could post a message on your wall or a link to your personal website.

Apps: There are many Facebook apps that can be used as part of your job hunting strategy. Some of the best ones include: BeKnown, BranchOut, IngBoo and Inside Job – so be sure to give your job search that much needed shot of adrenaline and get installing.

Have you found a job using Facebook? Was it straight forward? Share your experiences below: