One of the biggest advantageous of an interview, is that it gives you an opportunity to form a connection with the interviewer. That connection will make it harder for the interviewer to pass you up when making the final decision to hire. Building a personal connection starts with the introduction. When you first meet the interviewer, you have an opportunity to establish a solid connection immediately.

Positioning- It is polite to stand when being introduced to anyone. When the interviewer comes into the room, be sure to stand up and face them squarely.

Handshaking – A good handshake is the start of any solid relationship. When offered be sure to shake the interviewers hand. Use a firm grasp, but don’t break their hand.

Eye Contact – Make eye contact immediately and keep it throughout the introduction. Even if the interviewer doesn’t maintain eye contact, they will likely notice if you did. Eye contact makes it easier for the interviewer to trust you.

Smile – Never forget to smile when introducing yourself. Most employers want to hire happy people. Plus smiling shows you are happy to meet them.

Small Talk – Most people will try to make small talk before starting the interview. This small talk can be more powerful than the actual interview. Use this time to make a connection with the interviewer. Comment on a piece of art on the wall or a trophy or book in their office. Just don’t get to personal.

Don’t Rush it – Let the interviewer take the lead in the conversation. They will tell you when it’s time to start asking the hard questions. In many cases, an hour long conversation could lead to a job even if they never ask a question about your resume or experience.

Interviews can be hard, but if you stay relaxed and have fun with the little time you have, it will go a lot easier. Plus the interviewer will remember the interview & your meeting as a pleasant experience when it’s time to decide on the person you hire.

Good luck with your interview.

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