Video advertising is a must for your ad campaigns, so there is no better time to get started on those videos than right now. Rather than jumping in without any planning, it pays to take a moment and identify the right resources for the job. Include the four tips below into your planning process, and your videos will attract more consumers and create more revenue for your business.

Think Small and Large Screen

It’s true some visual elements look better on a large screen. Others happen to work quite well whether the screen is small or large. Those are the ones you want to incorporate into yourvideo production. The goal is to ensure the video looks great on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. A key element in any mobile advertisingis making sure you connect with consumers who are primarily visual and secondarily auditory in the way they process information.

You Need a Professional Script

Scripting is important with any type of video advertising. You have a limited amount of time to present a challenge, offer the solution, and give the prospective client a call to action. That’s hard to do when you scribble down a few words on the back of a napkin. Hire professionals to write the script. They will ensure it includes all the necessary information, moves along without wasting time, and makes the point you want made.

Use Professional Actors

Working with people who are comfortable in front of a camera is the only way to go. The last thing you need is someone who looks stiff and uncomfortable in your video. They must look natural and be able to interact with one another even as they break what’s known as the fourth wall. You’ll find many professional actors who are more than happy to work for a reasonable rate and participate in a video for mobile advertising, especially one likely to be seen on several major websites.

Remember that professional and famous are not the same thing. If your budget allows, it never hurts to hire someone with a familiar face. If not, remember that an actor who has experience with television commercials will have the skills needed to make the script pop and get the point across.

Watch the Time

Time is everything with any type of advertising. That includes video advertising. Consumers have short attention spans and can easily move on in seconds. Give them a reason to watch the entire video, but keep it short and to the point. If you can get them all the way to the end, they’re exposed to your call to action and are more likely to give your product a try.

Do you need help with your video ads? You’re not alone. A team of professionals can help you come up with the perfect approach for mobile advertising, up to and including a serialized set of videos that establish your brand, reinforce the value, and ultimately reach more than one targeted sector of the consumer market.